Memory Care

Memory Care

Villa at Terracina Grand offers secure and comfortable memory care for individuals with all stages of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. The community is designed for early, mid- and advanced stages of memory loss. Our trained nursing professionals provide 24-hour, individualized care to help residents meet their daily physical, social and psychological needs.

Pearls of Life®

Our Pearls of Life® memory care program recognizes the value of each individual and helps residents live dignified, well-rounded lives. Each individual can “discover the treasures within” is made possible with opportunities for personal pursuits and social activities. The program focuses on each individual’s strengths and promotes opportunities for new successes each day. Our care teams have been trained in all facets of this program to ensure each individual may receive consistent, quality healthcare.

  • Pearl of Home®: Our Pearls’ environments are designed for the resident to feel comfortable, safe, and secure. Ongoing support is given to our residents and their families which assists everyone during all stages of the transition process and through the progression of their diagnosis.
  • Pearl of Health®: We assist you, your family, or responsible party, to develop a personalized plan of care that identifies our resident’s care needs. The Care Plan is updated to reflect changes in the resident’s current needs.
  • Pearl of Enrichment®: We respect each individual’s interests, needs and abilities, adapting their activities so they can experience continued successes. A variety of activities are provided, recognizing that new interests can still be developed, enjoyed, and appreciated.

Pearls of Life® proudly offers Montessori Inspired Lifestyle®

pearls-montessoriMontessori Inspired Lifestyle® is a resident-centered approach to memory care based on the philosophy of Maria Montessori as adapted for adults with dementia by Dr. Cameron Camp. This innovative program was developed through an ongoing partnership with Dr. Camp, founder of the Center for Applied Research in Dementia.

Pearls of Life® utilizes the Montessori approach in all areas of care to:

  • Highlight each individual’s unique strengths
  • Focus on resident choice
  • Value-focused approach to offer social roles within the community

Music & Memory

Villa at Terracina Grand is partnering with Music & Memory, a non-profit organization proven to enrich the lives of memory care residents through its personalized, therapeutic, digital music program.

  • Musical favorites on personal iPods will help the resident tap memories
  • Enhances engagement, socialization, and fosters a calmer social environment
  • Listener focuses on the present moment and regains connection to others