Platinum Service

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Platinum Service

Our Platinum Service® program is the centerpiece of our promise to each of our residents, families and all those we serve to deliver the highest quality of service on a legendary scale. At The Goodman Group, this program transcends everything we do. It is intrinsic to our culture and woven into the fabric of who we are.

Our Platinum Service® pledge:

“Providing unparalleled service is the focus of our team efforts and my main personal role. I am committed to following and supporting our service philosophy.”

Every employee receives The Goodman Group’s Platinum Service training, embraces the program and promises to follow its 20 service standards.

Every shift at each community managed by The Goodman Group, every employee embraces our mission, our values, our service approach and their personal commitment to deliver our Platinum Service Standards. This daily exercise helps sustain and perpetuate our culture of exceptional service on a company-wide basis for the benefit of our residents and guests.