Villa at Terracina Grand

The Experience

Montessori Inspired Lifestyle

A resident-driven approach to memory care based on the philosophy of Maria Montessori as adapted for adults with cognitive and physical disabilities by Dr. Cameron Camp.

  • Value-focused approach that highlights the strengths and abilities of each individual
  • Focus in on highlighting the skills they still have
  • Ties in seamlessly with Pearls of Life® memory care program

Dignified Freedom

Every aspect of Villa at Terracina Grand is designed to celebrate the strengths and accomplishments of each resident while upholding their dignity, quality of life and sense of purpose.

  • An atmosphere of freedom and safety with distinctive landmarks to navigate through the community with ease
  • Activities and menus that are resident-driven encourage independence and freedom of choice
  • Courtyard garden, nature immersion room and lots of windows with natural light provide a sense of calm and natural rhythm for each resident’s day

Nature Immersion Room

This multi-sensory experience room is intended to soothe and help emotionally center individuals through an enhanced natural experience. Nature immersion is based on the biophilia hypothesis, which recognizes an intrinsic bond between humans and nature. The room will help reinforce circadian rhythm, an “internal clock” that follows a 24-hour cycle, which is key for memory function and a daily sense of routine

  • Circadian lighting will feature fiber optic starlight after dusk
  • Ceiling to floor living walls are both beautiful and increase production of fresh oxygen into room
  • Video on 110-inch Ultra HD television with incredibly lifelike picture quality will feature majestic local nature scenes to mimic the progression of day, from early morning sunrises to evening sunsets
  • Cinema sound technology provides multidimensional ambiance and aromatherapy triggers memory

Food for Life

With this revolutionary culinary program using locally grown ingredients whenever possible, residents experience the greatest possible health gains and overall wellbeing. We believe that a resident’s quality of life can be improved and extended as we transform our overall dining experience.

  • Emphasizes delicious plant-based, vegan, sugar-free and low sodium options
  • Features whole, minimally processed foods delivered from a professional chef-driven kitchen
  • Each meal is thoughtfully plated to stimulate appetites with flavor, color, texture, and beauty

Goody’s Market

This general store honors the residents’ daily, normal routine of going to the store and allows them to make-believe purchase items.

  • Research shows that freedom and purpose can lower agitation and increase engagement
  • Provides residents with autonomy and empowers them through choice
  • Residents can enjoy group outings to the store and feel a part of the community

Healing Garden

A holistic garden experience between the two communities on the Terracina Grand campus designed to accommodate all ages and evoke a deep experience of inner peace, centeredness, and present moment awareness.

  • Based therapeutic landscape design research and a state-of-the art multi-media conservatory
  • Intended for multi-functional use by the Naples community for continued education, guest lecturers, performance, art exhibits and morning tai chi and yoga classes.
  • Sacred peace-walk labyrinth in the center of the garden will act as a meditative gateway